The Guardian

Her thoughts traveled south with the mist into the village. She would regret the children, but the beast would spare no one.


A Dark and Stormy Night

Thunder rolled in the distance. Lightning streaked the sky. A forked bolt touched the ground and lit the horizon for a moment. Eric marked the distance and pulled the collar of his duster up around his neck. Cold drops reached between his Stetson and collar to prick his neck. Was that it? There was something … Continue reading A Dark and Stormy Night

New Word Weaver Writing Contest!

Dan Alatorre is at it again. Go visit his site and check out the details for another great contest. Some great guest judges and pretty awesome prizes.   IT’S TIME! Announcing the March 2018 Word Weaver Writing Contest! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * … Continue reading New Word Weaver Writing Contest!

How To Master Your Plot

The Plot Thickens Picture it: You’re having one of the best writing days you’ve had in weeks. Your fingers are flying, words are bombarding the blank page with reckless abandon. Sentences become paragraphs become scenes become chapters. You’re loving it. It’s the most brilliant prose anyone has ever composed. And Bam! You hit a wall. … Continue reading How To Master Your Plot

Writing Basics: Why Your Characters Should Speak For Themselves

Take this moment and pause. I know you can hear them. The voices in your head. Talking to you. Telling you things. How others are thinking, feeling. Listen to them. Every writer I know has the gift/curse of voices in their head that are not their own. Note: This  is not to make fun of … Continue reading Writing Basics: Why Your Characters Should Speak For Themselves