Frank closed his eyes and drank in the warmth of the sunlight on his wizened face. He held Marjorie’s fragile hand and felt the gentle breeze flutter her snowy hair against his neck. She scooted closer to him and he wrapped his arm around her. “Do you know, I’m crazy about you?” she whispered andContinue reading “Forever”

A Song of Hope

The poem is from my book Children of the Ancient Heroes (the picture is one I randomly took with my phone). I am querying, so I hope to have it in your hands soon enough. I have epigraphs at the beginning of each chapter – some poems, some excerpts of other stories. So far, theContinue reading “A Song of Hope”

How To Honor Someone’s Intrinsic Value

Let’s be honest with each other. On a whole, as the human race, we’re pretty horrible at honoring each other. We don’t see the value each of us holds. Sometimes, we don’t even see each other as human. Now, very few of us would admit it. Not to each other, not to ourselves. But weContinue reading “How To Honor Someone’s Intrinsic Value”