Changes Coming – Big Changes

Hi everyone. I wanted to stop in and let you know that I am making some big changes to the site here, and to a lot of things. I am stopping the blog. The site will still be here, a landing site that will tell a bit about me and a link to my library … Continue reading Changes Coming – Big Changes


Christmas Traditions Do you have Christmas traditions? Chanukkah? Other religious/non-religious celebrations? What are your favorite ones? I love our traditions: My kids jumping in their PJs and wrapping in blankets to go and see lighted trees dance to Christmas Eve Sarajevo, and a list of other great Christmas songs The other (at the minimum) two Christmas … Continue reading Christmas Traditions

Flash Fiction Friday: While The Storm Raged On

Here's this week's entry in the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge. Enjoy! The floodwaters rose and tore away the land all around them. Trapped. They were trapped. Kristen spun, searching for an escape. The wind snapped the trees disappeared. The little hilltop was an island now, and it was disappearing. Papa held her screaming. … Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday: While The Storm Raged On

Story Monday: 2016 Year in Review

Don't worry. This won't be a blow-by-blow of my life this past year. What I am going to do, though, is revisit a post I made near the beginning of the year. Back in January, I posted my word of the year: Enough. I wrote about how Jesus was Enough - all sufficient for everything … Continue reading Story Monday: 2016 Year in Review

Flash Fiction Friday: Because She Knows

This is my contribution to this week's Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Photo thanks to Phylor. “When does it leave again?” The corners of Katie’s mouth curled. She looked over to the driver’s seat. Her dad stared out at the small, green train station. “1:30”. “Trains are so unreliable. I think it would be best … Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday: Because She Knows