Voice Acting Demos

A picture of me with my legs wrapped around a rope and hanging upside down between two trees in the middle of the woods.

Here are some samples if you are curious.

For those seeking a voice actor, I have a relatable, friendly, mid-range voice that can fit your needs in any situation. I have a wide range perfect for characters, a smooth, easy-to-listen to voice for commercials and narration. Contact me if you have any interest.

If you have questions about my rates, please take a look at this link and we can discuss how best I can fit your needs:


Russell J Fellows – Voice Acting Character Demo – Comedic; Child; Old man; Medieval British; Cuddly Creature; Arrogant Hero

Russell J Fellows – Voice Acting Character Demo – Super Villain; Creepy Villain; Scary/Intimidating Villain

Russell J Fellows – Voice Acting Character Demo – Young man; Inspiring, Nurturing Mentor; Wise/Encouraging old Wizard

Russell Fellows – Voice Acting Commercial Demo – Pack ‘n Stack Moving Company; Adventure Land Pass; Movie Theater Announcements

Russell Fellows – Voice Acting Narration Demo – Audiobooks