2018 Word For The Year: Redeem

Happy 2018 Everyone! Are you ready to take this year on. After the steamroller that was 2017, I plan on keeping my eye on 2018. Of course, that's what I said with 2017. I shared how my plans for the year didn't flow the way I wanted, but that got me thinking: Where did I … Continue reading 2018 Word For The Year: Redeem


Story Monday: 2017, Let’s Do This

Happy New Year! 2017 is off and running. That means that it's time for the ol' Word-For-The-Year style of resolutions. I thought since my Word for last year worked so well...if you tilt your head at a 45 degree angle and blink rapidly while singing the alphabet in Pig Latin when you look back at … Continue reading Story Monday: 2017, Let’s Do This


https://youtu.be/qn9A09G1OGc   We're thirteen days into the New Year now, but I wanted to jump in with this any way. The big trend right now is to find "Your Word" for the year. Something that gives you focus for what lays ahead of you. Resolutions now in bite-size. I thought that Compassion Wednesday would be … Continue reading Enough