A Thanksgiving 2017

I love Autumn. It's my favorite season by far. The beauty in the leaves' changing colors. The cooler days and nights. There is a quality to it all that my wife would call gezellig. There isn't a good English translation. Coziness comes the closest. I also love how attitudes turn more toward gratitude. Especially this … Continue reading A Thanksgiving 2017


Compassion Wednesday: Thankfulness Post #2

    Heroes. Real, honest-to-goodness heroes. Individuals and organizations that decided something needed to be done. The world is hurting, and we need to do something about it. Those who said "I wish someone would fight poverty, free the slave, heal the broken..." and realized that maybe, just maybe, they were that someone. I'm thankful … Continue reading Compassion Wednesday: Thankfulness Post #2

Story Monday: Thankfulness Post #1

Her. The beautiful one that I can never look at enough. The one I never tire being with day after day. The one who makes me smile, makes me laugh, makes me know I am loved. I'm thankful for her. For her passion. For her strength even when fears and worries threaten to strangle us. … Continue reading Story Monday: Thankfulness Post #1

Reblog: Giving Tuesday: Life is Precious

This article was originally posted on Compassion's Blog on November 20, 2015. I am reblogging it this day before Thanksgiving and I am reminded for so many blessings that I take for granted, and I am thankful for the life and love that surrounds me everyday. May I share that life and love with those … Continue reading Reblog: Giving Tuesday: Life is Precious