Flash Fiction Friday: Breaking News

This is my post for this week's Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Photo provided by Iain Kelly. “News Alert 9 with Bob Howard and Monica Jones.” “Good evening, we interrupt your regular programming tonight with news of an invasion in New Tokyo,” Monica began. Her calm voice betrayed by shaking hands. “We go live now … Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday: Breaking News


Encouraging Story Monday: It Ain’t Over Yet

https://youtu.be/MX1G71WK-FA Darkness rolls over the sky The thunderhead pushes against my eyes Grey and black blindness swallow me whole I choke, I wretch, my body shudders and seizes My last breath hovers on the edge of my lips Lo, but light touches my cheek A thin shaft of gold fills my lungs Wider it shreds … Continue reading Encouraging Story Monday: It Ain’t Over Yet