Her. The beautiful one that I can never look at enough. The one I never tire being with day after day. The one who makes me smile, makes me laugh, makes me know I am loved. I'm thankful for her. For her passion. For her strength even when fears and worries threaten to strangle us. … Continue reading 14


Flash Fiction Friday: Daisy May

Here's my post for this week's Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writer's. “Time was never on my side,” Sam muttered. He glanced down at his liver spotted hands. They were thin and wrinkled. Was there still strength in those hands? Sam shifted his gaze back to the rusted pickup, covered in brambles and autumn’s blanket of … Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday: Daisy May

Far More to Come

Lights on the Christmas tree shone as bright as starlight while they glided in a silent slow dance, oblivious to when the music actually stopped. A cat snored in its bed a few feet from them. The children were in bed, though it was doubtful they were asleep. Her head rested on his shoulder, their … Continue reading Far More to Come