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Chris graciously allowed me to pop in on his blog. Thanks Chris! Meet Guest Author, Russell J. Fellows… - http://wp.me/p3mGq7-jK2


Reblog: It’s Easier to Change a Life Than You Think

This first appeared on Compassion International's Blog on April 11, 2016. Eradicating child poverty across the globe – that sounds like a daunting task. But what if I told you that, by using what you’re already doing in your everyday life, you can play a significant part in achieving that goal? Others have already started … Continue reading Reblog: It’s Easier to Change a Life Than You Think


https://youtu.be/qn9A09G1OGc   We're thirteen days into the New Year now, but I wanted to jump in with this any way. The big trend right now is to find "Your Word" for the year. Something that gives you focus for what lays ahead of you. Resolutions now in bite-size. I thought that Compassion Wednesday would be … Continue reading Enough

A Happy New Year to You

https://youtu.be/jGs-qL-oQp4   https://youtu.be/j6z-H3_hgEU   https://youtu.be/PMmTRwuvMiw Happy New Year. Three words. Simple, yet loaded with import and story. With those three words we begin to assess the old and plan for the new. I wondered what I would write for this last post of 2015. Like most bloggers, I wanted to close the year with something … Continue reading A Happy New Year to You

A Baby To Save

https://youtu.be/0e_2t4vHugo Snow fell in thick blankets and covered the street, cars, and buildings within minutes. The fresh white powder reflected the light from the streetlamps and it looked as bright as day. Cecily watched from the shadows of the alley where she had tucked away to shelter from the wind. Peaceful. Like a Christmas card, … Continue reading A Baby To Save