Compassion Wednesday: Thankfulness Post #2

    Heroes. Real, honest-to-goodness heroes. Individuals and organizations that decided something needed to be done. The world is hurting, and we need to do something about it. Those who said "I wish someone would fight poverty, free the slave, heal the broken..." and realized that maybe, just maybe, they were that someone. I'm thankful … Continue reading Compassion Wednesday: Thankfulness Post #2


Compassion Wednesday: The Power of Education

An Abundance of Education I love learning. I may have mentioned a time or two on this blog that I like taking every opportunity I can get to learn something new. Or strengthen my skills in areas I'm already pursuing. The pictures above are examples of the "learning something new". I received a free 30 … Continue reading Compassion Wednesday: The Power of Education

5 Organizations Fighting Human Trafficking and Injustice You Need to Know

This is in no way a comprehensive list of all those who have said enough is enough and taken up their swords to end injustice in this world. You can find out more about organizations like Thorn, Made In a Free World, 139Made, Human Trafficking Hub, and so many more. These organizations I’m highlighting here … Continue reading 5 Organizations Fighting Human Trafficking and Injustice You Need to Know

A Reblog: Transformation Cambodia

The following is a detailed look at the work that the International Justice Mission (IJM) did/is doing in Cambodia. It's just an example of the impact they are making in this world for justice, and it's a powerful example that while injustice is overwhelming, it can be fought and overcome. Follow the link afterward to … Continue reading A Reblog: Transformation Cambodia

IJM head Gary Haugen’s TED Talk

This speaks to a level that my storytelling will never reach. It was last month, but this is information that cannot be told enough. Watch it, and then visit to find out what more you can do.