Compassion Wednesday: Compassion v. Fear

I've used this before, but I'm reusing it now. I don't think we're getting it. This is my warning statement for what's to follow. I will get political, and this is an indictment against the Church. If you do not wish to continue to read, that's all right. I'll be back to my normal stories … Continue reading Compassion Wednesday: Compassion v. Fear


A Happy New Year to You Happy New Year. Three words. Simple, yet loaded with import and story. With those three words we begin to assess the old and plan for the new. I wondered what I would write for this last post of 2015. Like most bloggers, I wanted to close the year with something … Continue reading A Happy New Year to You

Strong Arms of Love Lightning split open the dark of night and the sky rolled and crashed against itself. A little girl wrapped a tattered blanket around herself and huddled on the foot of her cot. She watched the furious boiling of clouds and rain through the high, narrow window that stretched the length of the long wall. … Continue reading Strong Arms of Love

Open Letter to the Church – A Compassion Wednesday Post

I see you. I see the fear that has gripped you. Fear for your safety, for your family. You see the carnage and atrocities everywhere you look. I'm afraid, too. It is rational to be afraid. It is rational to want to protect your loved ones. But, we're taking this beyond rational fear. Rational fear … Continue reading Open Letter to the Church – A Compassion Wednesday Post

Far From My Bedside

It was difficult to know what to write today. My mind still swims with the muck of recent days. Most of us are still swimming with it. This is a lot of free writing, and may not make a lot of sense. Bear with me. I think John Pavlovitz had a poignant post for all … Continue reading Far From My Bedside