Far More to Come

Lights on the Christmas tree shone as bright as starlight while they glided in a silent slow dance, oblivious to when the music actually stopped. A cat snored in its bed a few feet from them. The children were in bed, though it was doubtful they were asleep. Her head rested on his shoulder, their … Continue reading Far More to Come


A Little Video Interlude

I'm sorry that I didn't post this past Story Monday. Our favorite Oracle Aimee will return next week. Just an off week, I suppose. For this Compassion Wednesday, I leave you only with the following video. I don't want to ruin it with a lot of babble on my end. Watch this video, and then … Continue reading A Little Video Interlude

Where In The World: Burkina Faso

She stands tall with a bright smile and eyes that sparkle. Her face is one of strength and hope. The backdrop to her picture is one of mute color: browns and tans, but with a tree that shades her with sparse leaves. To be honest, before we sponsored this young lady who has been growing … Continue reading Where In The World: Burkina Faso

Meet Judah – A Compassion Post

This is not an emotional plea for you to hurry over to Compassion International's website and sponsor a child. This is a plea for you to hurry over to Compassion's website and commit to a child. There is a difference. Many times we, through normal human responses, react to videos like this one or from … Continue reading Meet Judah – A Compassion Post