Her. The beautiful one that I can never look at enough. The one I never tire being with day after day. The one who makes me smile, makes me laugh, makes me know I am loved. I'm thankful for her. For her passion. For her strength even when fears and worries threaten to strangle us. … Continue reading 14


Flash Fiction Friday: An Anniversary Surprise

Here's my take on this week's Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers prompt. As always, a lot of fun. Amy’s face fell. 25 years of marriage, and he chose this? She liked Chinese Buffet now and then, a guilty pleasure, but not for their anniversary. “Really?” she asked. “Trust me,” Mark said. He had that knowing … Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday: An Anniversary Surprise

Far More to Come

Lights on the Christmas tree shone as bright as starlight while they glided in a silent slow dance, oblivious to when the music actually stopped. A cat snored in its bed a few feet from them. The children were in bed, though it was doubtful they were asleep. Her head rested on his shoulder, their … Continue reading Far More to Come