Can True Compassion Change the World?

Last week I started a discussion (You can read it in my post A Dream of Heaven). I asked a question: "Is it really possible, do I really believe, that peace can overcome all the violent evil I see in the world around me?" Another headline has gripped the world's attention. Another tragedy has ripped … Continue reading Can True Compassion Change the World?


A Dream of Heaven There is a constant that all of humanity contains that drives us endlessly forward. Hope. Hope of an achieved goal. Hope of an end to suffering. Hope of a consuming love. Equality. Freedom. Arms to wrap around us and knowledge that someone knows who we are, and that we matter to them. Sometimes its … Continue reading A Dream of Heaven

The Prince of Peace

  Today marks the 30th year we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Thirty years of two steps forward, three steps back for the realization of his dream. A dream not just for one people group, but for all human kind. We celebrate today in the midst of an atmosphere gripped by fear and anger. … Continue reading The Prince of Peace