The Guardian

Her thoughts traveled south with the mist into the village. She would regret the children, but the beast would spare no one.


Flash Fiction Friday:Lying In Wait

Innocuous. Just a simple lantern, hanging above a local restaurant. Pay me no attention. That’s right, fill your bellies until you can eat no more. I’ll bide my time. It must be perfect. Oh yes then it will be glorious. Fools. I shall have you. Oh, yes…come closer little girl. Oh, you smile and skip … Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday:Lying In Wait


Today's Flash Fiction Friday continues with my little "Shelter" series. Not sure where this will go, but I'm having a lot of fun with it. Hope you enjoy! To read the last installment, go here. Megan and the children pelted back through the crevice. We had to get to the water. I was fast behind … Continue reading Run

The Rejection Letter – 100 word Flash Fiction

God opened the letter he received from a publisher for His book. Dear God, I wanted to say that while I enjoyed your book, I’m afraid we’re going to pass on publishing it at this time. There were many riveting parts, but there seems to be one niggling problem throughout the book we find the … Continue reading The Rejection Letter – 100 word Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction/Character Intro – Part 3

And, my final entry. The first two can be seen here and here. Enjoy! Glondel             Glondel stared at the water nymph lying on the bed. She would always be the water nymph who was kind to an old dwarf like him. Sweet Penelope. The World Maker had better have a plan to save her. … Continue reading Flash Fiction/Character Intro – Part 3