Back To School! Already?

Note: Just wanted to let you know about the upcoming Newsletter - if you haven't already noticed in my sidebar - the June issue is still available and the July issue will be coming soon. If you sign up, the July issue will contain my short story Alien Cafe: The Disconti Incident. It's the sequel … Continue reading Back To School! Already?


The Least of These

I'm taking a small break from my free writing story The Experiment today. Heard the song in the video below on the radio today (no, not the first time, but it always speaks to me when I do hear it). Just want to apologize for any advertisement that might come up before the video starts … Continue reading The Least of These

A Happy Childhood

It was summer, about a year ago. The mid-afternoon sun blazed hot and bright. Within minutes, my shirt was soaked with sweat. Gnats buzzed around me and large horseflies swooped around inside the barn. The air was still. And thick. The day was ripe for dehydration, sunburns, and all manner of nastiness. My daughter was … Continue reading A Happy Childhood

The Love of the Gift

Excitement. That's the best word I can think of to describe the atmosphere that buzzed through our household the other day. Excitement about a shopping trip. Yes, a shopping trip. The thing was, it wasn't a shopping trip for ourselves. We were going to shop for someone else. My kids looked at it as a … Continue reading The Love of the Gift

An Open Letter to Three Generations

I wondered how best to celebrate Mother's Day, and Compassion Bloggers gave us this prompt. it's an open letter. I did one for past, present, and future. It does not say enough of how much each one means to me. To my mother, I love you mom. I know that you did not raise me … Continue reading An Open Letter to Three Generations