Apologetics logoApologetics is a bit of a passion of mine. I did go and spend all that time in school to get my Master’s in the field, so I suppose I should do something with it.

These pages below are various and random studies done in the name of finding understanding. One thing I believe people tend to misunderstand about Apologetics is that they think it’s about arguments. While this is true in the sense of presenting an argument in the legal or oration, Apologetics is more about giving a reason for why someone would believe what they claim to believe. It’s explanation, not antagonistic or defensive argument. It should be more of “Why do I believe such and such? Good question, here are the main reasons why I do” instead of “You fool! How can you not see these evidences that prove the truth of what I say!”

Maybe it’s difficult to see the subtle differences in approach, but it does make a world of difference. Instead of me making an argument to try and convince you to believe the same as me, I give an explanation to why I believe certain things and hope that this will make sense to you and give you food for thought and reflection. After all, I firmly believe that it is not my job to convince you of anything. I live and love and explain as God has directed me. The convincing is His job.

Now that I’ve said a lot about nothing in particular, you can click on the pages below to look at my explanations for why I believe certain things. I would love to discuss these with you, so feel free to contact me via my Contact Me icon on my home page. Email me, Facebook me, or talk to me via twitter. Until then, I hope you enjoy.


Relationship Theodicy – A look at the question of a good God and the existence of evil.

A Look at the Creation Account – It is what the title suggests, a look at the Creation account in the book of Genesis.


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