About Me

A headshot of me standing against a brickwall, looking rather good if I do say so myself.

I took the chance

And made the leap

I saw it all

Beyond my dreams

But it all fades 

As time moves on

My home is here

Within your arms

Grand adventure

Did smile at me

I climbed mountains

And sailed the sea

But no matter

How far I go

It is with you

That I call home

Always with you




– Russell J Fellows (for my family)

Finally, you’re here. I’ve been expecting you.
If you’re a little lost and wondering where here is, this is the home site of Russell J. Fellows, author and voice actor.
You’ve probably guessed that I am he. You may call me Mr. Fellows, Russell, Russ, Your Majesty, Oh Great One, Captain my Captain, or any hallowed platitude that overcomes you.
I prefer Russ, though.
Feel free to browse or say hello. Don’t forget to leave your name so I can add you to my stories (insert maniacal laughter). They range from fantasy and science-fiction to mystery and horror (nothing graphic, but hopefully chilling all the same) with smatterings in whatever hits me. I also like to write for everyone, from tiny tots to the wizened folks who have so many stories of their own to share with us.
One thing threads its way throughout all of my stories: hope.