I Need Your Opinion – Book Cover

Hey everyone,

I would love to hear what you think about the book cover ideas below. One is for the print version, the other is the ebook version. Now, both are simply ideas at this point. I still don’t know if I will self-publish the book or not, but I am considering it. At any rate, your opinion matters to me.

5 thoughts on “I Need Your Opinion – Book Cover

  1. I like the vivid colors of the background! The mountains and trees etc make me think of adventure 🙂
    Personally, I’m not sure about the silhouettes- it might be less busy without them. If you want to keep them, it’s a bit difficult to tell if the scale for sizing is correct- especially with the back two figures on the ebook cover (though they look better on the paperback.)
    One thing to check- how does it look as a thumbnail? Are the title and author name going to be legible in small size in that font/color?
    All the best with this!

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    1. Thank you. I’m not sold on the silhouettes either. Might lose them. Typically, this genre has illustrations of the children that are the main characters. I couldn’t find someone to take them that I can afford. However, there are some (classics) that can get away without any MCs pictured. As long as it’s still inviting and speaks to adventure, it might work.

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      1. Yes indeed!
        If you still want images of the kids you might try fiverr? I’ve had some friends who were looking for things on a tight budged have great luck there with cover design. Or the good old stock image “back of the head” shot can be handy (though I don’t think a “live” photo of a person would necessarily go well with the background you’ve got…
        It’s tricky, and I’m no expert, lol!

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