Frank closed his eyes and drank in the warmth of the sunlight on his wizened face. He held Marjorie’s fragile hand and felt the gentle breeze flutter her snowy hair against his neck. She scooted closer to him and he wrapped his arm around her.

“Do you know, I’m crazy about you?” she whispered and her breath slowed little by little.

“And I am about you, too,” he answered without opening his eyes.

“This is how it should be,” her grip on his hand slackened, but he held it. Her breath stopped.

“I always said it would be,” his own breath stilled.

Emily and Nick watched their parents sit on the little red bench. Neither said anything, nor looked away. Their throats tightened and their eyes welled with tears.

Emily turned to her husband and family. Nick turned to his wife and picked up his own son.

“Are Opa and Oma gonna sit there forever?” the little boy asked.

“Forever, together,” Nick said and kissed the boy on the cheek.

A little story I dug out from my archives. Let me know what you think, or just say hi, in the comments below.

Hope your day is a good one.

-Russell J. Fellows

Photo by Metin Ozer on Unsplash

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