Anne and the Tiger

I don’t know what got into me this week, but it seemed like a fun idea to share some of my work. I have poems as epigraphs for each chapter.

From the trees came the goblin horde,

The mighty Anne drew her sword

Ready, she stood for their attack

‘Til she heard a sinister snap,

And so she turned in time to see

Nightcrawlers watching hungrily

All the monsters gave a loud cry

The mighty Anne prepared to die

She vowed to fight ’til her last breath

But another forestalled her death

Tati’ah’na’oh, the tiger

Leaped and ran and stood beside her

And with her mighty claws, she tore

‘Til all the monsters were no more

And in Anne’s heart, a love did grow

For mighty Tati’ah’na’oh

The tiger vanished from her sight

And in its place lay something bright

And this is how the story goes

How Anne received a Great Star Stone

–          From Anne and the Tiger by William the Traveling Bard

I would love to connect with you. Tell me what you think, ask a question, or share a poem or something else you’re working on, if you’d like to. Until then, peace and rest for you.

-Russell J. Fellows

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