Story Monday: Meet Tirza and Eli

It’s another great day for Story Monday! I’d love to introduce you to my two Main Characters for my current book, Tirza and Eli Nesbit. They are my sister and brother protagonists tasked with saving the all of creation.

The sketches are rough, but I wanted to get a good feel for how they looked. It’s a beginning.

Who are they?

Tirza Nesbit

13 years old and longing for magic in her life. Real magic, the kind that she reads about in her favorite books (and she reads a lot of books). On her 13th birthday, her dreams come true. Tirza discovers she has the ability to hear people’s thoughts. Things really change for her when she talks to God and finds out that she and her brother are headed to a parallel world called the Lighted Lands. In the Lighted Lands, she and her brother have to save the dying Queen Penelope. If the queen dies, the sun in their own world dies. No pressure though. Maybe magic isn’t everything she had hoped it would be?

Eli Nesbit

9 years old and longs for adventure. Life around his town is a bit boring and he wants excitement and danger. When he and his sister are taken to the Lighted Lands, Eli gets more adventure than he could ever have hoped for – maybe a little too much. Now he has to race against time and fight monsters to save Queen Penelope. Maybe his hometown wasn’t so bad after all.

I would love to have you get to know Tirza and Eli a bit more. Perhaps, once my book is finished and published? I think you’ll love them as much as I do.

Published by Russell J. Fellows

#Writer of multiple genres, with a strong leaning toward #MGlit/#YA #Fantasy. Always pointing toward #hope.

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