New World Order

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” Steph stopped in the middle of the street and stared at an eye-assaulting four story building. A red and yellow wood facade covered every part of the building in abstract crisscrosses, save for a black store front on the bottom.

“Isn’t it awesome?” Cassie giggled. “You might want to do something about your face.”

Steph peeled pink bubble gum from her nose and chin. “The Funky Munky?”

Cassie nodded and her smile widened.

“Seriously? This is where it all happens? You’re telling me all the world leaders are inside there?”

Cassie’s smile vanished. “Shut up! It’s secret, remember? And no, not all of them. But enough of them.”

Cassie’s eyes glazed over white. A wind began to blow around her and steadily strengthened. “Are we doing this or not?”

Steph closed her eyes and inhaled. Her hands began to glow orange and red. “New World Order, right?” Her eyes popped open and danced with fire. “Let’s do this.”


Another Flash-Fiction piece I dug up from my old blog. Hope you enjoy it! Photo by E.C. Crippen on Unsplash.

Published by Russell J. Fellows

#Writer of multiple genres, with a strong leaning toward #MGlit/#YA #Fantasy. Always pointing toward #hope.

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