Creatively Connected

I write about hope. Especially on my Compassion Wednesdays, I want to talk about what gives us hope and what we can do with it. Today is still about hope but in a different way. I wanted to talk to you about how you and I are connected.

There is a character trait that links you and me.

In fact, it links all of us. Every last person that walks the vast surface of this orb we call Earth.


It comes in many shapes and colors, but it lurks there underneath our skin just waiting for the right time to burst forth and declare itself to the world.

That’s a bit dramatic, but it’s true.

Children have an uncanny way of showing us that it’s true.

My daughter sketches, paints, and draws. I love to draw, though I am no artist by any stretch of the word. Instead, I create worlds with words. I try to paint a picture for your imagination with what I write.

My son doesn’t gravitate toward drawing either, though he will from time to time. Instead, he builds. Space ships, robots, or compounds with LEGO are only a small fraction of what he does. Give him something to build with his hands, and the possibilities of what he creates are endless.

You might not realize it, but it’s inside you, too. You create. Every day; in your own way.

Engineers. Doctors. Plumbers. Mechanics. Cleaning staff.

Everyone creates.

We might not speak the same language. It might be nearly impossible for us to communicate with spoken words or with most of the artifacts of our separate cultures.

But when you express yourself through your creativity, there is a connection. I gain some insight into your world.

It’s the imprint of all of us being created by the Creator. A Communicable Attribute, theologians would tell us. A gift he gave because he created us.

So, when a child draws a picture, I get a glimpse into their world. However small that glimpse might be, it’s something.

Go on. Connect with someone today. Connect with a child. Connect with your family or friends or strangers in distant countries who may not speak your language. Connect with your Creator.

Unleash your creativity. And with that creativity, bring a little more hope into this world.

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