Sometimes, You Need a Fresh Start

I hadn’t planned on starting my blog again. My last post in June of 2018 was going to be my last post. This website would be, and has been, a landing page, a link to my library, and ways to contact me.

But, I have to tell you, I missed it. I missed blogging. Not just the ability to write my thoughts on various subjects and let my creativity flow. I missed the community. The interaction with readers and other bloggers.

A lot was happening when I closed the blog. My dad passed, my own health had been up-and-down, and I didn’t have the time or energy. Funny, isn’t it? No energy to sit at my computer and type? Sounds strange, but it was true, then. I kept it closed for many different reasons.

There was probably something in the back of my mind that knew I’d come back to this eventually. Something that knew I would miss this and need to come back.

Well, it was right.

So, not only am I reopening my blog, but I’m starting fresh. A new, clean slate. All of the old posts are gone – the good, the bad, all of it. Sometimes, you really do need a fresh start. This is mine.

What will I be blogging about? Hope.

Really, a lot about hope. I’ll try and shine some positive light out into the darkness. I think we all need a reminder that hope is out there, ready to give us a strong, warm embrace when we need it.

I’ll also post about my writing journey (where my books are at in the process), maybe some excerpts from my stories, some original flash fiction, book/movie reviews, author interviews (if I can), and a lot of other book related information. A lot of these posts will be stream-of-thought. I’ll try to be more professional, as much as I can.

It’ll be fun.

So, I’m back. And, it feels good to be home.

Published by Russell J. Fellows

#Writer of multiple genres, with a strong leaning toward #MGlit/#YA #Fantasy. Always pointing toward #hope.

8 thoughts on “Sometimes, You Need a Fresh Start

  1. Welcome back, Russell! I know a lot of people who have come back to blogging after a long hiatus and felt the same way: that it’s good to get a fresh start. I can’t remember if any of them wiped out all their previous posts, but I can see why that might feel right to you. Looking forward to hearing more about your journey these days. I hope this new start works great for you!

  2. welcome back. a lot has happened but a fresh new start is really the best solution. best wishes on your new writing projects. be blessed.

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