Changes Coming – Big Changes


Hi everyone. I wanted to stop in and let you know that I am making some big changes to the site here, and to a lot of things.

I am stopping the blog. The site will still be here, a landing site that will tell a bit about me and a link to my library and newsletter. I’ll still have my FaceBook and Twitter, but that’s about it. I’m ending my editing and review services (though I will still review books on Goodreads and Amazon when I read books).

I’ve come to a realization about my time due to circumstances that have happened over the last few months. I’ve had to end a few things, so I can keep priorities straight – namely family.

So, while I will not have a blog that updates regularly (hasn’t in some time as it is), I will keep everyone updated through my newsletter – probably once a month. I’ll have stories packed in there as well. You can sign up and keep in touch with me. I’d like that. You can also drop in on Twitter and Facebook to say Hi. I’d like that a lot, too.

I’ve enjoyed this blog, and I’ll miss it. I’ll miss all of you more. Hope to see you all around this wide world of ours, though.

I wish you all the best. Sincerely.

I’ll leave the blog up for one more week, then the new site will emerge. Until then, you all take care of yourselves.




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