It’s Been Awhile, But I’m Here


It’s been awhile since I’ve written. No single reason. Lots of things going on. Novels to write, work to do, family-time to spend.

And my mind has been wondering what to write. Or rather, how best to write it.

Another shooting. More debates. Two sides spitting venom at each other.

Let me be clear: I am for better gun laws. Don’t let anyone tell you that they don’t work. Statistics don’t lie. All the other excuses thrown out there are just that – excuses.

Yes, it’s a heart problem. Yes, people kill people.

That’s why we have laws in the first place. It’s a moot point. People, on the whole, are messed up. We hurt each other in a lot of ways. Laws hold us accountable. It’s that simple.

For those who point to Chicago as an example of how laws don’t work, read this:

For stats on gun violence and gun laws, read these:

There are many other sites out there, bipartisan, trustworthy news, but that’s not the point of my post right now.

My point is something I came across on a friend’s Facebook post. A friend that is a teacher.

The post was from another teacher who wrote that when discussing the events with her students, one of her students asked if protesting was the best answer.

I’m not here to say it is or isn’t, but want to highlight what the student suggested as a better way to attack this problem of ours.

Find 17 other students that they don’t normally interact with – students that might not have anyone interact with them. 17 new friends. 17 new lives touched. 17 less lonely students, less isolated.

No, it’s probably not the perfect answer. It doesn’t solve all the problems.

But it solves a really big one.

And, I can’t help but think what that would mean in our own lives. Where we work, where we live. Reaching out to this world around us instead of isolating ourselves.

In our day-to-day, who can we connect to? Who is it in our personal world that needs that hand-of-friendship extended to them?

No man is an island. Yet, that’s how we live most days.

I think it’s time we stopped and started connecting more.

And get better gun laws, too. That’s important, too.


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