Flash Fiction Friday: A Gift Received


Time for another Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge. Enjoy it!

Brian clenched his fist around the gift. Pain pulsed through his forearm. Darkness surrounded him. Filled with anguished cries and evil things he dared not see.

“Why do you hold it so tightly, when it hurts you this much?”

The voice again. Sometimes it was deep and smooth and peaceful. Other times it was soft and light and joyful.

“It’s mine. You gave it to me. I have to hold it tightly, or the wind will carry it away. Or someone will snatch it.”

“Do you think so little of the gift I gave? That it could be carried taken from you?”

“The darkness would swallow it.”

“Open your hand.”


“Open your hand, Brian.”

“It’s mine! I can’t lose it!”

“You cannot lose it. Now open your hand. Trust me.”

Pain and agony ripped him as his hand opened. Light blossomed and pushed away the darkness.

Heads lifted around him. Pain etched faces smiled. Tear filled eyes drank in the light.

“It’s beautiful.”

“This is why I gave you this gift.”


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