Christmas Traditions

Do you have Christmas traditions? Chanukkah? Other religious/non-religious celebrations? What are your favorite ones?

I love our traditions:

  • My kids jumping in their PJs and wrapping in blankets to go and see lighted trees dance to Christmas Eve Sarajevo, and a list of other great Christmas songs
  • The other (at the minimum) two Christmas Light shows we visit (not including the driving around neighborhoods to see all the hardwork people put into their home decorations)
  • Bundled in blankets on the couch to watch The Polar Express or Elf or Home Alone or The Grinch
  • Leaving shoes by the fireplace with carrots stuffed inside for SinterKlaas’s horses
  • Chocolate covered Kruidnotens
  • Chocolate Letters (first initials)
  • Advent calendars (filled with chocolate, of course)
  • Cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning
  • Christmas Eve worship service at church
  • Picking out a “real” Christmas tree the weekend (or the next) after Thanksgiving

Whatever the tradition, the focus comes back to one very important thing for me: Family.

Like in the video above, I would travel any distance, face any obstacle, to be with my family.

My heart is full because of them.

I realize, not everyone can say that. They don’t have the heart-filling traditions, any traditions. They don’t have family.

I was once one of them.

That brings me to my point. One that probably was lost in my rambles above, but one I hope is clear now.

Maybe a new tradition, for me and for you, is to be the heart-filling for someone this Holiday season. Families always have room for one or two more.

I don’t know what that will look like. It’ll be different for everyone of us.

But I know what it will feel like.


What are your favorite family traditions? Do you know someone who could use some heart-filling family togetherness (even if they aren’t technically family)? I would love to hear about it.


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