Flash Fiction Friday: The Toy Man


Here is this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers’ challenge. Enjoy!

“What are you telling me?” Detective Marcus Shelby examined the small plate of bones. What were they from? Small. Cat, maybe?

They had arrived in an unmarked box on his desk. He had no doubt who sent them.

For the past three years he had received gifts from the same man. A serial killer the media called the Toy Man for his habit of dressing his victims up like toys. He liked to send Marcus clues to his next victim.

The bones were new. A pet? He’d have to get forensics to take a look.

His cell phone buzzed. “Detective Shelby.”

“Marcus? Honey, did you let Scratch in this morning?” His wife, Laura, sounded out of breath. “It’s just we can’t find her, and we’ve called all over the neighborhood.”

“No, I didn’t see the cat this morning, I…” he looked down at the plate of bones. “Laura, stay in the house. Get the kids and lock yourselves in our bedroom. Go. I’m coming home.”

“What? Why?”

“Just do it, babe. Please. Go now.”


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