2 Christmas Gift Ideas For Worldchangers


‘Tis the season. The season of warmth and goodwill to all. The season where many of us turn away from receiving and toward giving.

The season where many charities reach out and hope for that little extra to help them finish their mission this year, and maybe get a head start into next year.

It can be hard knowing into which one you should pour your resources. Sometimes, it can be a bit overwhelming. To the point where we might turn a deaf ear to the clamoring voices.

I’m here to ask that you not turn a deaf ear to me. Not just yet. Instead, humor me for a bit. I might be able to help you cut through the clutter.

I have 2 organizations you should consider. Yes, there are many quality organizations out there, but these 2 I know. They’ve proven themselves countless times. The work they do is changing the world. Literally. They are making a better place for the future generations, and the generations today. I’ve spoken about them many times, because I believe they deserve your attention more than just at Christmas.

But, a little Christmas-Spirit-Inducing-Softhearted-ness helps, too.

So, if you’re thinking this world has shown an ugly side unlike you’ve seen before and you’re ready to turn that around:

Here are 2 Christmas Gift Ideas for Worldchangers

2 Charities that make a difference in countless lives every day.

  1. Compassion International

This is the go-to organization for me. The work they do is incredible. Their M.O. is to work with local churches in the poorest areas of the world. They set up education programs for children, and ask you to partner with them by sponsoring these kids. Your money helps pay for their basic needs and much more. Your letters back and forth with these children encourage them and help them reach beyond what they thought was their limits. Bonus: You’re not just helping the kids, you’re helping a community. The programs work with families and communities to go beyond meeting basic needs. They help the communities rise above poverty and violence and stigmas. The people don’t need someone to rush in and save the day. They need someone to walk with them and show them that they can save themselves. Compassion does that.

2. Living Bread Ministries

Like Compassion, Living Bread works with communities all over the world hit hardest by poverty and violence. They plant churches and get the local communities to lead in their own recovery. It’s walking with the people, not becoming their superhero god. It’s meeting their actual needs, not what we think they need.


Living Bread is affiliated with Freegrance Ministries. This ministry helps women caught in human trafficking/sex trafficking get control of their own lives by becoming entrepreneurs. The products they make (soaps, jewelry, etc.) make great gifts for everyone on your list, plus they empower women who have been abused by society and deemed unworthy for far too long.

I could name so many more. WorldVision, International Justice Mission, Not For Sale, and many others. All are worth it, but I chose to highlight these two because they might not be as well known as the others, but they are solid organizations that are making incredible differences in this world.

There is hope left in this world. There are those willing to go the extra distance, willing to put themselves aside so that others can thrive.

And, what better gift can you give someone this Christmas than the knowledge that they are worth it, life is worth it.

What do you say? Click on their links above and partner with them this Christmas. Once you do, the world will never be the same.

You will never be the same.



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