Flash Fiction Friday: Does The Sun Rise?


Here is this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers‘ challenge. Enjoy!

The last tendrils of golden light touch my face. The sea swallows the sun, and with it all the warmth that blanketed me. Silence. Where did the gulls’ cry vanish to?

Gulls. I remember gulls. They’re a bird that flies over the sea. Yes, it would be nice to visit the sea. Why is it so cold? Did I forget my jacket? Martha probably has it. Now, where did she go? She was here just a moment ago.

Oh, was I supposed to build the fire? That’s right, she must have gone to get my lighter. Lighter. I think it’s in my jacket pocket. Where’s my jacket? It’s so cold out here. So dark. I don’t like the dark. What time is it? The sun should be rising soon.

I love watching the sun rise with Martha. Now, where did she go? Who’s this coming? Pretty, but she’s not Martha.

“Time to go back, Mr. Smith.”

“Go back?”


“Oh, good. I must have left my jacket there. That’s what’s keeping Martha. Yes. That’s where she is.”

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I don’t know what took me down this road with this photo, but here it is. Too much after Thanksgiving?

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and you aren’t being overwhelmed by Black Friday shopping.


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