When You Wanted to Conquer the World, But Didn’t

Nostalgia. It has a funny way of sneaking up on you and messing with your mind. It can lift you high and bring you low, all within a few seconds.

Such is the case with Cademman’s Call and their album 40 acres. My wife and I played this in the car on a small road trip we took. It was and always will be one of our favorites. Funny how we both loved it before we knew each other. It reminded us of that life of passion for faith and justice we both had (one of the many reasons we were attracted to each other). But, it made us wonder where that fire went.

Life does that to you. You step out into the world with the plans and tools to conquer. After you take a few more steps, you turn around and your plans went left when you went right and you have no idea what happened.

Regret worms its way into your mindset and tells you how you’ve failed or missed the point or need to have a do-over.

But I’ve learned something over the years (amazing…I know), regret lies to you.

Did we conquer the way we planned? No. Not even close. But we have something better.

Every day, I get to kiss the most beautiful woman in the world. I get to learn with her and from her and about her.

Every day, I get to watch my kids grow and learn how to be better human beings than I am.

Do I miss that fire? Yes. Do I want it back? Absolutely. Would I trade what I have now to have done something “significant” in the world? What I have is significant. I’ve failed at nothing. We’ve not failed. Life is still moving forward, and now we have more tools to help us conquer.


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