You Are Not the Spark, You Are the Flame


I’m not going to lie. I struggled with what to write today. Something quick. Didn’t have time to write anything elaborate. Deep. Meaningful.

Maybe share a video or two of some happy, dance-able songs.

Instead, this is what came. A picture of a candle with hands holding them forward. A light in the deep darkness. A light not hidden, but shared.

You. Your life. That fire that makes you unique. Special. You. I want you to know that you are that candle. You are that flame.

Don’t hide.

It’s easy to. Lord knows how many days I want to. More than I care to count. More than days where I want to be out in the world.

But, I won’t. When I hide, the darkness wins. It crushes down on me, suffocates me, and threatens to extinguish any flame left in me.

It takes effort. Sometimes, the effort of my wife and family. I won’t lie. Sometimes, those hands holding the candle forward are not my own. But, I’m not hidden. I’m not tucked away in the corner. I breathe in the oxygen and my flame burns brighter, larger.

Breathe in the oxygen. Consume it. Let your fire burn bright and free.

Don’t hide your flame. We need it. I won’t lie. We all need it.

And, here’s that silly, happy, dance-able song. Just because we need something silly to dance to now-and-then.


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