When You’re Losing the Fight

Sometimes the fight is too much. We’re bone-tired, can’t catch our breath, and the battle still rages around us.

The last thing we need is a patronizing cliche about how everything will work out for the best.

What we do need is the fire of hope to keep us pushing forward, keep fighting. A hope in a truth that there is a best waiting for us. While not everything will work out for that best, it won’t disappear. That best is still waiting for us.

That’s what caught me about this song from Lecrae. Unlike so many other songs or inspirational speakers, he (and Tori Kelly) isn’t telling us that we’re going through the battle for some grand purpose. Children aren’t stricken with cancer to teach us something. We don’t lose our jobs, homes, loved ones because God wants to make us stronger.

No. He’s telling us, as does the Bible if you read it carefully, that life is hard. The battles are ugly and they take their toll. But, there will be an end to the suffering. There will be an end to the pain and the terror.

There is a hope waiting for us. A best in the end.

It’s not easy to see. When the blood blinds you. When the pain sears your bones. When you’re drowning in your own torment.

But, it’s there. It hasn’t moved. It’s waiting for us.

I don’t have all the answers to the whys of this life. I don’t know why God heals some and not others. I don’t know why He acts in one instance and not another. What I do know is that He doesn’t cause the pain, the hurt, the evil. He doesn’t point his finger and “smite” people. (For those who would argue with examples of the Old Testament, I ask that you read those accounts again. Read how, in every single case, God gave years of warnings before He did anything. Sometimes, hundreds of years of constant warning.)

I know from my own life that every battle I’ve fought, I’ve not fought alone. I was not always rescued (one particular battle still consumes me on a daily basis), but I did not fight alone. Why God doesn’t just end the battle and pull me away from it? I don’t know. But I am comforted to know he fights beside me.

Why am I writing this post? Hope. To share the hope I have, to maybe help you see the hope that waits for you.

To let you know that you don’t have to fight your battle alone. I’m not always great at being there for others. Lecrae sings in the song above that he’ll always be there for his friend if they need him. We should all carry that mindset.

All around us are battles being waged by friends, loved ones, acquaintances, strangers. It looks to them, at times, like they’re losing.

I pray that we all see with open eyes, and take up our swords to fight by their side.


What battles do you face today? How can I walk beside you and fight with you? You can send me an email, or comment below. I’m listening.


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8 thoughts on “When You’re Losing the Fight”

  1. Nice post. It is hard to stay true and faithful when battles and fire are all around. I battle every day in a demanding career that I would like to get out of, but being mid-career is hard these days with so many looking for work. All I can do is battle to stay positive and battle to keep myself from slipping into despair. The Lord walks with us – sometimes we don’t feel his presence. It is in that time we need to run to him more. That is the hardest thing to do when you feel alone.

    Liked by 1 person

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