Flash Fiction Friday: Killer Smile


It’s time for another Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers‘ Challenge! Enjoy!

“Dear God, no.” Detective Janet Honorée held her breath. There, scrawled on the pink cinderblock wall, a chalk white smiley face laughed at her.

“Is it his?” Detective Dave Bains stooped over the body of a young man a couple of yards away. He looked toward Janet.

“It’s his.”

Dave stood and walked to her. “Are you sure? Last time, it turned out to be some kids drew it long before the body was there.”

Janet gritted her teeth and closed her eyes. “Look at the body. Tell me that you think it’s not him.”

“It could be…”

“Don’t. We’ve not released any info on this to the public. Nothing. How would a copycat know every detail?” Janet spun around and walked back to the body.

“I know. I know. It’s just, I’m too old for this.” Dave snapped a picture of the smiley face with his phone.

“Me, too. But, this makes four, Dave. Forget retirement. Look around. He has to make a mistake some time. Find it.”


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Why do serial killers in movies and books leave calling cards? I don’t know, but it does make for interesting stories!


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