Flash Fiction Friday: To Fuel the Fire


Here is my entry to this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge.

It was quiet. The roar of the crowd silenced. Yasmine knelt before the shrine of stone. No flowers. This was not the time for flowers. Small metal pots sat on individual fire pits. Some would nourish the protesters. Her own pot would staunch her hunger for vengeance.

“They will not break us, I promise you.” She touched fingers to her lips and pressed them to the shrine.

On the other side of the wrought-iron fence, a gardener finished watering the lawn. Yasmine waited for him to leave, then stood. The line of soldiers returned to their posts, facing the protesters from behind the fence. Protecting corrupt dictators. Her brother was once one of them, but he saw the truth and paid the price. The outrage over his death was small.

The fire of the protest was dying. She would fuel it again. Even if it meant her own life.

Where the death of a soldier could not stir the people, surely the death of a child would. She picked up her small metal pot. It burned her hands as she raised it above her head. The soldiers watched her and a couple raised their guns.

“We will be free!” Yasmine’s pot launched from her hand, a bullet ripped through her chest. The screams roared as darkness rushed to take her.


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This will be my last post for awhile. I’ll be away until the end of September. Maybe not the greatest timing considering I just published two short stories, but it’s a needed vacation! 🙂

I will be featured on The Story Reading Ape’s blog come this Sunday, so be sure to hop over there (and look around his amazing blog), but I won’t be able to interact with it or anyone. I apologize!

Lots of goodies await when I return. Including book reviews, a couple of character interviews, and much, much more!

Until then, Happy Reading!


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The Piano Player:

World famous musician Mike Jonas broke a promise. Greek muse of music, Euterpe, gave him fame and fortune in return for his complete devotion. When a new love enters his life, Euterpe strikes. She kidnaps Mike’s fiancée Megan and threatens her life unless Mike proves that he still belongs to her. In his quest to fulfill Euterpe’s test, Mike is shaken to his core and all he holds as true is questioned. (Does contain language that might not be suitable for children.)

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