Two Short Story Writing Projects Done – And They’re Yours to Grab – One Fantasy; One Thriller

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I finally did it.

I published two short stories, and they’re yours for the taking.

Hopefully, by the time this post goes live, they will be done with their review/verification status and will be entirely live.

I published them on Amazon KDP and Smashwords. That means you can grab them anywhere.

What are they about? Glad you asked.

Yanka and the Dragons:

Ten year-old Yanka Ouedraogo finds that dragons are not monsters of stories. They are real, and they are coming. After the arrival of mysterious Princess Su Yin, Yanka discovers her mama once bore the title of Dragon Watcher for the legendary Knights of Tiqvah. Mama leaves to stop the onslaught of dragons and tasks Yanka with protecting her two younger brothers. One problem: after her father’s death, Yanka fears she’s the last person to protect anyone. When dragons invade her village, Yanka learns they want one thing: her. Can she escape the invasion and prove able to protect her brothers? Will the mysterious Knights of Tiqvah arrive to save the day? Or will a new Dragon Watcher appear and stop the carnage in time? (Middle Grade level, but good for the whole family!)

Amazon Link

Smashwords Link

The Piano Player:

World famous musician Mike Jonas broke a promise. Greek muse of music, Euterpe, gave him fame and fortune in return for his complete devotion. When a new love enters his life, Euterpe strikes. She kidnaps Mike’s fiancée Megan and threatens her life unless Mike proves that he still belongs to her. In his quest to fulfill Euterpe’s test, Mike is shaken to his core and all he holds as true is questioned. (Does contain language that might not be suitable for children.)

Amazon Link

Smashwords Link

A Special Note about Yanka and the Dragons

Yanka and the Dragons will have all royalties to to Compassion International. I wasn’t able to set it up the way I wanted to (directly paid to them), but I will have the money sent regularly. Full disclosure of the monies earned and sent will be available to anyone that is part of my email group.

So, yay! I finished two of my writing projects. (Yes, they are short stories, but I wanted something for you all other than my flash fiction. Hopefully this will do until I finish my novel). Probably should have spent a little more time on each, I’ll let you decide, but here they are!



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