Book Review: An Angel On Her Shoulder by Dan Alatorre

Angel Cover 17


Do you feel lucky, or unlucky?

That’s the question Doug Kenner asks himself over and over again as tragedy after tragedy strikes his family. But, what if its more than luck? What if something more sinister is at work? With three tragedies striking his family three years in a row, each more intense than the last, Doug  and his family face the possibility that something supernatural is after them. The question is, why? And why do they keep happening around his daughter Sophie’s birthday?

From the Amazon:

“A series of unexplainable tragedies surround a family and their young daughter as they seek to determine whether they are possessed, paranoid or collectively going insane. Meanwhile, forgotten clues from the father’s past may indicate forces are at work in ways more ominous than any of them could have imagined.”

What I liked:

Dan demonstrates once again an amazing imagination and unique tactic at storytelling. This is a gripping story of a family man pushed to his limits to find out what he believes and what he holds dearest.

There are some truly hair-raising events in this story that have rightly brought to other reviewers minds’ a parallel to Stephen King’s The Shining.

I don’t think I’ve come across a book quite like this one. It has a powerful potential to be a great supernatural thriller that everyone will talk about for years to come. That’s comparing it with the likes of King and Koontz.

What I didn’t like:

I stress that it has the potential for greatness, but it falls short. Dramatically short, for me.

Where does the flaw lie? To my eye, in the editing. I say to my eye, because others may read this book and not find any problem where I found much.

The narrative over-explains events, under-develops a few characters, and takes a subplot nowhere.

That last bit might be a bit harsh. There are elements of the subplot that do play into the overall story in important ways, but these elements could have been woven into other areas of the story without the subplot and not lost anything. It was a bit disappointing, because there is a lot of potential in this subplot to take the whole story to the next level of story greatness.


Can I recommend this book?

There are quite a few readers out there that are loving this book. You can see them on Amazon. And they all have a great point.

I want to love this book. I grew up reading King and Koontz. This is my kind of story.

I just can’t, though. The errors I mentioned above (on top of some basic repetitiveness and distracting word choices) make it difficult.

Still, I say go read it. You may not get hung up on these things I mention in this review. You might be like the many who have loved it and raved about it. If you do, good. Good for you and good for Dan.

For me? I’ll look wistfully in the distance wondering about what could have been.


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