Flash Fiction Friday: Unexpected Disappointments


Here is my first Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers post in a long time. I hope you enjoy it!

Number 652 held the small plastic door open with one tentacle. What had they catalogued this box under? Microwave. That was it. 652 slid another tentacle over his slick, bulbous head. How did he get stuck cataloguing this place? The recruitment videos promised deep waters and tall trees. Not these, what were they? Houses. Miles of houses. All the same. Mind-numbingly the same.

Inside the microwave was a mug. He laughed. Mug. Strange word. All over the mug was the one joy he had discovered in his mundane work.

Chocolate. The greatest discovery on this planet. The smell alone made it worth it. This looked thick, like what they catalogued under Cake.

652 reached out to touch it, and groaned. Hard. Inedible.

“Too soon.” If he had waited to freeze the humans a moment later, the chocolate could have been saved. “What a waste.”

How long did he have before the whole area unfroze? Enough time. He slid toward the front door and left with a grumble. “Next house better have chocolate.”


If you want to read more great stories, click on the frog below:

It’s been awhile, but it feels good to have a little fun with flash fiction again. Of course, now I just want a large amount of chocolate. Who am I kidding? I always want a large amount of chocolate!

I hope to have a couple of stories published by the end of this month (two of my WIPs that caused my break). If not, they will be available in October. I think you’re going to love them, but I could be biased.

Until next time!


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