I Wanted to Check In With You


I am buried deep into my current works-in-progress, but I wanted to stop by to say hi and see how all you wonderful people were doing.

I must confess, things are moving a lot slower than I had anticipated, but they are moving forward! One story that I hope to have finished soon will be my latest offer to anyone who joins my email group. (Right now, if you sign up, there isn’t anything offered as a gift – I’ll have that remedied soon, though!)

I would tell you more about that story, but I’ll wait until after I’m done!


I wanted to remind you to join Dan Alatorre’s Word Weaver Contest! You have about a week left (end of July), so get to it! (click on the logo above to read more about it!)

Few contests out there offer the level of prizes compared to this one. We’re talking thousands of dollars in value.

Including editing services from me! To get an idea, this is what I’m offering:

  • Full line edit (I will go line-by-line, point out filter words, weak verbs, sentence structure, the whole gammut!)
  • 3-5 page story critique (This is an in-depth look at your story. I’ll include character evaluations and plot analysis. All your strengths and weaknesses. You will have a strong story after this evaluation).

You would have to pay thousands of dollars for this service any other time, but you get it for free if you enter this contest and win 2nd place.

Did you see that: 2nd Place!

Imagine what you would get for 1st place!

Is this a great contest, or what?

Go! Write! Enter! Win!

Until next time everyone! I wish you all the best!


I would love to discuss this story and more with you. You can Contact me through email, or Facebook, Twitter, or Goodreads.

Like what you’re reading? Join my New story Email Group and get stories you won’t find anywhere else!

And, if you’re an author, I want to offer you help in any way I can. Check out my Author Services page to see more.

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