Flash Fiction Friday: A Day at the University


It’s time for some flash fiction fun! Here’s another challenge from Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Enjoy!

“Are you sure we’re safe here?” Brock stared at the school. Ancient dressed stone withstood time. What else remained? What lurked in its cold, castle-like halls besides college coeds and professors?

“I never said we were safe.” Chelsie pulled a map from her jeans pocket and studied it.

Brock studied her. Could he trust her? She looked to be his age, eighteen at the most, but she claimed to be over a thousand years old.

And she shot fire from her eyes and hands.

That might be what unnerved him most.

When she asked him to join her in her war against a demon army, it was hard to say no. Was it only fear that propelled him?

Brock unsheathed the jade sword from his back. He wished he never found it at that garage sale. Maybe she would never have found him.

No. Despite everything, he was glad she found him.

Am I insane?

Chelsie put the map away and headed into the school. “You coming?”

Brock followed. I am insane.


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I have to be honest with you, I had a tough time with this one. It screamed a lot of different stories, but none of them wanted to talk to me in depth. This took some coaxing. What do you think? Did it finally come out to say hello, or should it go and hide again?


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12 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday: A Day at the University

  1. I guess , that’s how the newness of a new place feels like – intimidating . Add to that the flamboyant ancient building . I am glad he found Chelsea and vice- versa. I have no clue about the Jade sword , though . 🙂 Very nice story .

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hmm…there is the fact that Chelsie claims to be a thousand years old, she shoots fire from her eyes and hands, and she recruited Brock to fight a demon army. That’s why they are at the school, and why he unsheathed the jade sword – and why he wonders what lurks inside the school. 🙂 Does that help?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks for that . Sorry you had to explain so much . I thought the 1000 years was written in a jocular vein to highlight that she was mature for her age . I guess , it’s a new genre for me . Fantasy , lright? And here I found a great start . Thanks .🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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