Flash Fiction Friday: Her Last Hope


It’s time for a Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge! Here’s my story. Enjoy!

It was still within the first click of the great star, but light spilled through the forest canopy. Mora scanned the skies for the source. The great star did not illuminate the world until the third click, what was this?

Then, her eyes fell upon the rocks. Rocks strewn on the forest floor, trees crushed beneath them. Rocks where a wall should stand.

“No!” Mora fell to her knees. She was too late.

Laughter echoed all around her. The leaves of the great trees rustled in applause. Mora closed her eyes. Of course it was him. He had waited for her, just for this moment.

“You seem upset, Mora.”

She shivered at the sound of his voice. Mordith the cursed. Killer of King Joha, her father. Destroyer of Lakkana.

Now, it looked to her, Destroyer of Jokahana, too.

How? How did he get here before she did? The last outpost of her people. Her last hope.

No. She would not surrender. He would not win.

She stilled her fear and breathed deeply. “Hello, brother.”


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I think I live in fantasy worlds more than I do this world. Oh well. I do enjoy them! What do you think? Is there hope for Mora, yet?


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