Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – Book Review

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The story, play, begins where Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows ended (in its epilogue). 19 years have passed, and a new generation of Hogwarts students make their way to the Hogwarts Express. This time, it is Harry and Ginny’s middle child, Albus Severus, that begins his first year.

When Albus arrives at Hogwarts, he finds everyone is excited about his arrival. Another Potter, another child of the famous Harry Potter. He soon finds that living under the shadow of his famous dad is more pressure than he can handle. He grows to resent his dad, prove that he wasn’t the hero everyone thinks, and maybe right a wrong that Harry committed so many years ago. Will doing so prove that he is worthy to be the child of the famous Harry Potter?

Along the way, Albus makes a couple of friends. The unlikely pairing of Scorpius Malfoy, son of Harry’s old nemesis Draco, is frowned upon by all. And, the mysterious Delphi. Who is she? Is she the answer to all of Albus’s questions?

Follow Albus and Scorpius as they try to navigate the sons of fathers with heavy pasts and make names for themselves. Join Harry and the old gang as they try to grapple with ominous happenings while figuring out what the children are up to. The whole world hangs in the balance.

(I understand that isn’t the greatest of synopses, but I’m trying to keep out spoilers while not copying the synopsis from amazon or others. 🙂 )

What I liked

I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I loved the books, enjoyed the movies (they could have done better, but they were still enjoyable). To get the chance to join my favorite characters in another adventure was irresistible.

I love the plot – original and engaging. It is a slow start, but once we start in on the action, it keeps you turning pages to find out what happens next.

I would love to see this performed on the state – it’s an element that cannot be ignored for this story. Obviously the book is the script and so it does not have the brilliant prose of Rowling’s originals, but it is engrossing.

It is a story that will have you smiling at the end for the sheer pleasure of one more adventure.

What I didn’t like

The character development was the weakest point, I believe, of the whole story. I suppose they sacrificed a lot for the time constraints of a play, but I think they could have spent more effort on each character. Many were two dimensional. The whole of the story focuses on Albus, Scorpius, Harry, and Draco. Even the four of them lacked in development, though they fared far better than anyone else in the story. Sometimes, you’re left to wonder where others are – surely they are around, though there is nary a mention save in passing.

And I absolutely hate how Ron is portrayed. Sorry, he’s not always had the best of it in the original books, either, but here he is just pathetic.

The plot is predictable. Of course, so were many of the books. That isn’t its weakest point, but one I think could have done with a boost of a good twist.

The climax wasn’t entirely satisfying. It felt rushed and too clean/abrupt when there was so much build for something far more spectacular. It gave me a “well, yeah, but…” feeling when it was all said and done.


To see the actual production would probably make up for many of the short falls I find in here – the wows would probably make me forget the lack of characters.

I loved going on a new adventure, and learning about new characters – and even delving into thoughts and motivations of old ones.

I just wish it wasn’t so rushed. Maybe that is the main problem with the whole of it – it was rushed. It reads much like a fan fiction piece that someone decided to put on the stage. It’s good, but not great.

My biggest disappointment: That this will be the last that JK Rowling will delve into Harry’s life. Not the last into the wizarding world, but into Harry’s life.

Farewell, Harry. It has been a pleasure.


Today is a new feature of mine, though one that is long overdo. I’ve mentioned on my Author Services page that I will do book reviews, and this is an example of how I write them.

From time to time I will have a review on here, and I will also copy this to my Goodreads page, too. I will mix well known best sellers, classics, independents, and so on.

Let me know what you think. Did you enjoy the book? Have you read it, or do you plan on reading it? Better yet, have you seen the play? What did you think?


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