Her. The beautiful one that I can never look at enough. The one I never tire being with day after day. The one who makes me smile, makes me laugh, makes me know I am loved.

I’m thankful for her.

For her passion.

For her strength even when fears and worries threaten to strangle us.

For her wisdom.

For opening my eyes up to colors and vibrancy when I thought the dull greys were life.

For holding my hand in the darkest days.

For being raw and real with me and holding back nothing. No fear. No worry. No pain. She lets me see her in all her vulnerabilities. And I think she is all the more beautiful.

I call her Gorgeous, only because the English language is horribly insufficient to capture the magnitude of who she is.

She makes me a better man, every day.

So, I’m thankful for her. My wife. Even now, just writing that, I smile.


Today is a repost of an oldie but goodie of mine, because I can’t say it enough.

Today marks 14 years since we walked the aisle, since we said I do.

This is for her. For always.


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