Flash Fiction Friday: The Perfect Place


It’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers time! Thanks as always for the challenge. Hope you enjoy.

This was the place. Idyllic. Homes nestled together along the shore. A grand hotel up on the hill. Tourists frolicking on the beach while boats bobbed gently on the water.

It was peaceful here. The tourists numbered a handful. No vendors peddling schlock. There were a few quaint restaurants that were divine for local cuisine.

Yes, this was the place. The place where Max would show the world, especially that milquetoast Colonel Conquest. What a joke. Captain wasn’t good enough for him? And what was with Conquest? How does that endear you to the people?

Well, Max was about to make it all moot. A new villain is what the world needed. They would forget that loser. In time, they would respect Max, bow to him, and call him master. Peace would come to the world. Faster than the colonel could do.

One idyllic fishing village wouldn’t matter. Destroy it, and then the would-be-avenger.

Max’s hands and eyes began to glow. “Say hello to Obliterator!”

He’d have to work on the name.


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Hmm…not sure if I like Max’s plans. Why do villains always feel like they have to make a big show to draw attention? And no, this would not bring the peace he wants. Kids just don’t think these things through.


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