Flash Fiction Friday: A Sacrifice For All


Here is this week’s entry in the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge. Enjoy!

“All for this?”

Princess Cha’ak’na held the glass orb. Encased in it was Icefire, a small crystal that glowed a light bright enough to make her own green skin look blue. Its spikes jutted out in all directions and looked like the smallest breath would crumble it. Yet, it was why her kingdom now crumbled.

Father showed it to her hours earlier. The uprising made him realize he had to prepare Cha’ak’na to rule.

The uprising. She was so ignorant. Lost in her own world of privilege, how did she not see? The people forced to mine the Icefire for the elite. They never had the chance to taste its power.

Not until Thu’lo changed everything. Everything for the kingdom, for her.

A true ruler must be willing to sacrifice all, right?

Thu’lo promised. The uprising would stop, if she were his. Without father’s knowledge, she agreed. Everyone slept now.

Cha’ak’na dropped the orb. She picked up the Icefire, placed it in her mouth, and felt the power.

The uprising would end tonight.



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A little bit of fantasy fun today. What do you think? What would you be willing to do to save an entire kingdom?


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