Flash Fiction Friday: Unparalleled Woman


This is for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writer’s, though it’s not fiction. It is also for Mother’s Day – for one very special mother.

You, with your long auburn hair that glints red in the sun’s embrace.

Your eyes tell me your thoughts, shifting in blues and greens. They smile at me with their sunflower sparkle.

In your arms darkness melts away; in your smile I find the new day’s songs.

You dance in my thoughts when I see tucked away gardens, promises of respite. Your laugh mingles with that of our children and all is well. All is perfect.

When I wake from those sail-away-dreams, you remain. Constant. Loving. Beautiful.

I thank God for who you are: Wife, Mother, Friend, Truth-Speaker, Comforter, Unparalleled Woman.

I am in love with you. Happy Mother’s Day.


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This, of course, is for my wife. She is an amazing woman that I fall more in love with every day.

To all mothers out there, I wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day this weekend.


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