Repost: Compassion Wednesday: Oh How He Loves Us

Play the song. Close your eyes, and just listen.

It’s easy to forget. The love. The incomparable, immeasurable love of God.

We focus on

the hurt,

the hate,

the anger,

the fear.

We see the pain, and we ask

“Does God really love us? All of us?”

from Newsweek. Click on the photo to see their 2016 World Refugee Day story.

And I say, yes. Yes He does.


When someone reaches out to help.

When we say that we won’t ignore another’s suffering.

my kids

When we recognize that we are all in this together.

Each one of us, made in His image.

The objects of his passion, his joy, his love.

It is easy to forget.

Easy to think it’s not true.

His love.

His passion.

But, Oh, How He loves us…

He gave up everything for us…

So that this world would not be the end of the story

So that the pain, the hate, the anger, the fear would not have the final say…

And in every day until that great day…

He told us to love each other, as he loves us…

We forget.

So, call this your reminder.

Go – love each other today. All of us.


I first posted this about 3 months ago – and I believe that it’s something we all need reminded of now and then.

What do you think about when you stop and listen to a song like this? Do you believe it? Why or why not? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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4 thoughts on “Repost: Compassion Wednesday: Oh How He Loves Us”

  1. Hello my friend….(sigh). It’s been forever!

    OK first of all your kids are really growing up beautifully and getting so big Russ!

    On to the song….and His love. This is one of my favs…haven’t heard it in a very long time though. I remembered it as soon as I saw the thumbnail so will just dive in….

    My thoughts on His perfect, unwavering love? Lord thank you for knowing all about me and still wanting me…now that? That’s LOVE!

    Be well…


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Ericka, it has been a long time, too long! I’m glad that you stopped by. And, yes, the song hits such a deep level – speaks a truth we all need to hear now and then (or all the time) just to remember how much God does love us. I hope all is well with you, too.

      Liked by 1 person

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