Flash Fiction Friday: The Young Woman


Here is this week’s entry into the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers‘ challenge. I hope you enjoy it!

“Can I help ya?” Bart asked, pulling off leather work gloves.

The young woman didn’t answer, but stared at the stacked firewood piled against his small camping supply shop.

“Needin’ wood for your campfire? It’s gonna be chilly tonight,” he said with a smile.

Still no answer. Bart figured she was early 20s or younger, willowy and pale. A bit too pale, if you asked him. Her hair was the color of the cherry blossoms that were starting their spring debut. Her dress was a bit odd, though. Woven leaves was the first thought he had about it.

Young people, he laughed.

A sudden gust of wind whipped through the nearby forest and caught her hair. Bart noticed that she was crying.

“Miss, you okay?”

“You cut down my sisters,” she said in soft, melodic voice. “I am not okay.”

She turned to look at him with eyes that glowed the same color as her hair and Bart stumbled backward.

“Neither are you!”


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Hope your weekend will be a great one. Any plans? I’d love to hear about it.


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